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Stackdriver is the SaaS ops suite from Google used by app developers and operators to monitor and troubleshoot applications.

Full observability for your code to follow SRE best practices

Easily integrate with apps hosted on any public cloud or cloud-native infrastructure. Stackdriver’s mission is to help developers and operators keep track of their hybrid and multi-cloud apps with full-stack insights and native Google Cloud integration.

Stackdriver Sandbox

Stackdriver Sandbox is an open source tool that helps practitioners to learn Stackdriver. It offers a demo microservices architecture and load generator with an easy, one-click deployment so you can get a sandbox environment up and running quickly.

Stack Doctor playlist

Join the Stack Doctor, Yuri Grinshteyn, as he guides you through using Stackdriver along with tips and tricks to get control of your applications and keep them healthy.

Stackdriver tutorials

This is the main repository of information that you need to get started with implementing and using Stackdriver.

Playlists and codelabs


Stackdriver Monitoring codelab

  • Google Cloud Platform

In this codelab, you'll learn the basics of Stackdriver Monitoring, how to navigate the Monitoring console, and where to look for basic monitoring events and statistics.


Qwiklabs Quest - Stackdriver

  • Google Cloud Training

In this fundamental-level quest, you will learn the ins and outs of Stackdriver: an important GCP service for generating insights into applications’ health. Stackdriver provides a wealth of information in application monitoring, report logging, and diagnoses.


GCP Stackdriver codelab

  • Romin Irani
  • Updated December 2017

This tutorial takes you through a tour of Stackdriver, walking through the ability to take a Debug Snapshot in your applications, view application logs, set up metrics and monitor them, set up alerting, trace your API calls, and log points in a running application.


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