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Next UK

Welcome to at Google Cloud Next! Whether you want to work through a self-paced learning playlist, or want to dig deeper on cloud technical topics you're in the right place.

Google Cloud Topics

Perception AI

Tools to help developers inject image and video understanding into applications

Big data analytics for student developers

Efficiently capture, process, and analyze data with Google Cloud.


Move your data into BigQuery and set up your data warehouse in seconds. Let us handle the hard work of managing infrastructure, while you focus on finding meaningful insights using standard SQL.

Careers in Cloud

From DevOps to developing apps, learn to apply the capabilities of Google Cloud.

Deconstructing chatbots

Learn how to build chatbots on Google Cloud platform

CI/CD on Google Cloud Platform

Get started or dive deep with continuous integration and continuous deployment.

AI and machine learning for student developers

Innovate with pre-packaged and custom machine learning products and services on Google Cloud.

Cloud identity and security for student developers

Maintain your data’s safety across projects and organization.

Google Cloud performance optimization

When it comes to performance, every millisecond counts. Learn how to optimize the performance of your GCP stack.

Conversational AI

Tools to help developers to inject words and conversations into applications

Cloud Functions

With Cloud Functions, there are no servers to provision, manage, patch, or update. Functions automatically scale and are highly available and fault-tolerant.

Google Cloud networking

Best practices and examples to help you dive deep into networking on Google Cloud. Learn about Google Cloud Platform’s software-defined networking, hybrid connectivity, performance optimization, security, service mesh deployment, NAT, load balancing, and more.