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Google Cloud networking

A global fiber network, connecting you to the world

A fast, high-performance global network

Best practices and examples to help you deep dive into networking on Google Cloud. Learn about Google Cloud Platform’s software-defined networking, hybrid connectivity, performance optimization, security, service mesh deployment, NAT, load balancing, and more.

Cloud networking end to end (Youtube)

Develop a deep understanding of GCP networking as Stephanie Wong covers best practices for deploying on GCP.

Best practices and architectures for VPC design

This guide introduces best practices and typical enterprise architectures for the design of virtual private clouds (VPCs) with Google Cloud Platform. This guide is for cloud network architects and system architects who are already familiar with GCP networking concepts.

Professional Cloud Network Engineer certification

A Professional Cloud Network Engineer implements and manages network architectures in Google Cloud Platform. Master implementing VPCs, hybrid connectivity, network services, and security and become a certified professional network engineer.

Playlists and codelabs


Networking codelabs playlist

  • Various authors
  • Updated May 9, 2019

Deepen your knowledge of GCP networking with codelabs. Topics include VPCs, VPN, DNS, load balancing, hybrid connectivity, network performance testing, and network security.


Networking 101

  • Updated November 8, 2017

Test latency between VMs, deploy global load balancing, add an HTTP firewall rule, and run testing and monitoring.


VPC networking: connectivity across networks, projects, and organizations

  • Updated November 9, 2017

Deploy VPC peering, Shared VPC, multiple network interfaces, and alias IP ranges.

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