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A self-paced guide for aspiring entrepreneurs

Launchpad Online is an initiative to bring startup best-practices to our global community of developers and emerging entrepreneurs. Our work with startups around the world and across all verticals, has given us the opportunity to identify common startup pitfalls, and develop best-practices to overcome these hurdles.

Through our community of Google mentors and industry experts, we are happy to bring our startup methodologies to those who seek to access educational resources from wherever they are, and at their own pace.

Learning Pathways

We created the growth lab because one of the most important steps on the way to success for many startups is a focus on the right way to approach scaling. Things like fundraising, research and development, expanding into new markets, and putting the gas on marketing spend are all critical pieces in startup success. This lab covers all areas of growth, including branding, fundraising, business development, marketing/PR, and strategy.

Product is often the make or break factor for the success of startup founders and their companies. The product lab covers product development, management, fairness, and privacy, and has an introduction to the use of machine learning in products.

Launchpad’s people lab was built as it became obvious, in our years of working with the world’s most successful startups, that the people challenges were often the most difficult to overcome. The human factor of the startup was almost as crucial to success or failure as the product. This lab covers many topics including PeopleOps, KPIs/OKRs, management, operations, and education/training.


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