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Supercharge your applications through Google's cloud-native and open-source databases

Have a stable and scalable data backend for all your applications. With our cloud-native offerings for documents (Cloud Firestore), key-value storage (Cloud Bigtable) and for relational databases (Cloud Spanner), you don’t need to worry about sizing or scalability ceilings. With our managed open source and third-party party database offerings like Cloud SQL MySQL, Postgres or SQL Server, we provide you a path to build or migrate your applications without the headache of managing the database yourself.

Learn about our database offerings

We offer a wide variety of databases supporting many different use cases. Visit our Databases landing page to learn how we can support your needs for more performance, less maintenance, and larger scale across many different data shapes and types.

Get started with Cloud SQL for MySQL

Learn how to get started with one of our managed open source databases.

Get started with Cloud Firestore, our strongly-consistent serverless document database

Cloud Firestore is a NoSQL document database built for automatic scaling, high performance, and ease of application development. Learn how to set up Cloud Firestore, add data, and read data by using any of our C#, Go, Java, Node.js, PHP, Python, or Ruby server client libraries.

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Create a managed MySQL database with Cloud SQL

Learn how to create a new Cloud SQL instance, connect to it using the MySQL command line interface, and create an empty database.

  • Paul Newson
  • Updated July 3, 2019

Introduction to Cloud Bigtable

Learn how to use Cloud Bigtable with the Java HBase client.

  • Billy Jacobson
  • Updated September 9, 2019

Spring Boot caching using Cloud Memorystore

Learn how to use Cloud Memorystore as a cache backend for a Spring Boot application.

  • Dmitry Solomakha
  • Updated Dec 24, 2018
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