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Google Cloud performance optimization

When it comes to performance, every millisecond counts. Learn how to optimize the performance of your GCP stack.

Reduce latency and optimize application performance.

Best practices and solutions to help you improve the performance of compute VMs, storage, network, databases, and applications on Google Cloud Platform.

Cloud Performance Atlas videos (YouTube)

Learn about best practices for GCP performance from Colt McAnlis. Solve the most common performance issues that cloud developers come across.

Optimizing persistent disk and local SSD

Persistent disks are the most common storage option due to their price, performance, and predictability. Learn how to create instances with local SSDs for even greater performance.

Improve performance on Compute Engine

Learn tips and tricks to improve the performance of your application on Compute Engine.

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Network performance testing

  • Updated November 9, 2017

Learn how to measure latency between Compute Engine regions and zones, test network performance, and inspect network traffic using open source tools.


Analyze production performance with Stackdriver Profiler

  • Updated March 25, 2019

Learn how to configure a Go program and collect, view, and analyze the performance data with Stackdriver Profiler.


Cloud Functions logging and tracing

  • Updated January 14, 2019

Understand how to use the logging and monitoring tools offered to Cloud Function developers.

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