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Focus on the blazing-fast analytics, not your infrastructure

Move your data into BigQuery and set up your data warehouse in seconds. Let us handle the hard work of managing infrastructure, while you focus on finding meaningful insights using standard SQL.

Try BigQuery without a credit card

Try the BigQuery sandbox, which lets you experiment with BigQuery at no cost, without requiring a credit card. Try using the BigQuery web UI to complete tasks like running queries, loading data, and exporting data.

Jump into the BigQuery console

BigQuery exposes a graphical web UI in the GCP Console that you can use to create and manage BigQuery resources and to run SQL queries.

BigQuery public datasets

BigQuery stores datasets that are made available through the Google Cloud Platform public dataset program. You can integrate a variety of data into your apps using the public datasets on BigQuery.

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Query Wikipedia data using BigQuery

Explore the Wikipedia dataset using BigQuery and learn how to write queries to get insight into a large dataset.

  • Ray Tsang
  • Updated November 15, 2018

Getting started with BigQuery ML

Learn how to use BigQuery to create machine learning models from Analytics 360 datasets.

  • Torry Yang
  • Updated December 6, 2018

Using BigQuery with Node.js

Use the Google Cloud BigQuery Client Library to query BigQuery public datasets with Node.js. Learn how to access BigQuery programmatically in addition to the easy-to-use UI.

  • Steffany Brown
  • Updated May 31, 2019
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