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Android Developer Summit 2019

October 23-24. Two days of technical content, directly from the Android team.

Hands-on Learning

Welcome! This page contains links to all of the codelabs that we'll be showcasing throughout the Android Developer Summit. Whether you want to work through the codelabs in one of our instructor led sessions, or want to work on another topic during the open codelabs, you're in the right place.

Instructor Led Codelabs


Learn the basics of MotionLayout how to use it to build rich animations in your app. You can use MotionLayout to animate the location, size, visibility, alpha, color, elevation, rotation, and other attributes of multiple views at the same time. Using declarative XML you can create coordinated animations, involving multiple views, that are difficult to achieve in code.


Build an app that stores a list of words in a Room database and displays the list in a RecyclerView, all implemented using our recommended architecture using the Android Jetpack Architecture Components.


Learn how to create a camera app that uses CameraX to show a viewfinder, take photos and analyze an image stream from the camera.


Learn the basics of Jetpack Compose, Android's new unbundled Kotlin-based reactive declarative toolkit to simplify building UI.


Get started with Android testing by writing features and tests for a modern real-world Android application.

Codelab Courses


Learn to architect and develop Android apps in the Kotlin programming language using Android Jetpack along with other industry-proven tools and libraries.


Learn Kotlin basics by creating small Kotlin programs. This bootcamp course gives you the Kotlin foundation you'll need to take the Android Fundamentals with Kotlin course.


Go beyond the basics of building an Android app. This course teaches how to add a range of advanced features to your app, starting with best practices for using Android's notification system

More Learning

Check out many of our other codelabs, and feel free to ask for our help doing them during the Open Codelabs sessions.

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