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Explore careers in Google Cloud as a machine-learning engineer

Learn how Google Cloud’s plug-and-play and custom machine-learning products can quickly take your AI projects from ideation to deployment.


What is machine learning?

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Learn the meaning of ML.

Google Cloud machine learning

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Learn to use Google Cloud for ML.

Entity, sentiment, and syntax analysis with the Natural Language API


Learn to evaluate entity, sentiment, and syntax analysis with the Cloud Natural Language API.

Speech to text transcription with the Cloud Speech-to-Text API


Learn to use speech-to-text transcription with the Speech-to-Text API.

The 7 steps of machine learning

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Learn the seven steps of ML.

Classify images of clouds in the cloud with AutoML Vision


Learn to classify images of clouds with AutoML Vision.

TensorFlow, Keras and deep learning, without a PhD


Learn to use TensorFlow, Keras, and deep learning for ML.

Careers - Machine Learning Engineer quiz

Take a quiz, earn a badge. Answer 4 questions correctly on the Machine Learning Engineer quiz to earn a Careers - Machine Learning Engineer badge.