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Explore careers in Google Cloud as a data engineer and scientist

Learn to uncover meaningful insights with fully managed, end-to-end data analytics and management products in Google Cloud.


Run a big data text processing pipeline in Cloud Dataflow


Learn to run a big-data text-processing pipeline in Dataflow.

Query GitHub data with BigQuery


Learn to query GitHub data with BigQuery.

Say hello to the "Hello, World" of machine learning


Learn about the "Hello, World" of ML

Simplify Event Driven Processing with Cloud Pub/Sub

Video Optional

Learn to simplify event-driven processing with Pub/Sub.

Introduction to Cloud Dataproc: Hadoop and Spark on Google Cloud Platform


Use Dataproc to run Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop.

Connect and visualize all your data in Google Data Studio


Learn to connect and visualize all your data in Data Studio.

Careers—Data Engineer and Scientist quiz

Take a quiz, earn a badge. Correctly answer five questions to earn a Careers in Cloud—Data Engineer and Scientist badge.