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Explore careers in Google Cloud as a business-and-data analyst

Learn to build dashboards, visualize data, and identify trends with BigQuery, Cloud SQL, Google Data Studio, Sheets, and other products.


Connect and visualize all your data in Data Studio


Learn to connect and visualize all your data in Data Studio.

Create custom JavaScript visualizations in Data Studio


Learn how a Data Studio community visualization works, how to build one with the ds-component helper library, and how to integrate your community visualization into a Data Studio dashboard.

Turn your big data into insights with Sheets and Slides


Learn to use multiple services with Google Apps Script, perform big-data analysis with BigQuery, and view data with Sheets and Slides.

Create a managed MySQL database with Cloud SQL


Learn to access the Cloud SQL web UI, create and delete a Cloud SQL instance, set a root password with Google Cloud Console, and connect to your instance via the Cloud Shell.

Integrate machine learning APIs


Learn to use Cloud Vision, Speech-to-Text, Cloud Translation, and Cloud Natural Language API.

Look at campaign finance with BigQuery


Learn how and when to use JavaScript user-defined functions in BigQuery, and how to use BigQuery to extract, transform, load (ETL) operations on data that live in other data stores.

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